Find Out How Much You Can Afford

The following online calculators serve as helpful tools during the mortgage process.

Image Payment Amortization Calculator

Calculate your monthly payment and see how the principal is paid over time.

Image Rent versus Own Calculator

Calculate the difference between renting and buying a home.

Image Annual Percentage Rate Calculator

Calculate the APR for fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans.

Image Debt Consolidation Calculator

Determine if you can consolidate your debt by combining it with your home mortgage.

Image Prepayment Savings Calculator

Find out how soon you can pay off your mortgage by making a prepayment.

Image Early Payoff Calculator

Determine the additional monthly payment amount needed to pay off the loan sooner.

Image Refinance Break-Even Point Calculator

Find out how long it will take to "break-even" on a refinanced loan.

Image Tax Savings

Determine the estimated tax savings with a new loan.